lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-11-02 07:33:24 (UTC)

seven days..

it's from "the ring"...oh my gosh, that movie is so tight! i
went to see it tonight w/ lo & mal, and it was sooo rad.
wow. we gave each other bruises from grabbing each
other, cuz these new twists kept popping up and OH
MAN!! haha if you wanna see me do my impression of
samara, just ask. it's cute :-)

anyway, we ate a huge tub of popcorn during the movie,
and then we decided we needed something healthy so
we went and got ice cream...hahaha. life is good. we
sat in the outlet food court and then walked back to my
car...we were standing by it, waiting for mal's dad to
pick her up...and this was the most
vulgar thing i've seen in a long time. basically he drove
around 3 times, and the 3rd time he asked me
something but i wasn't paying attention to what he said,
but what he was doing...well yeah. boys are gross.

and then i drove lauren home cuz my parents don't
care, i guess...right on. i'm so stoked to be almost
legal for driving people. arrrgh. haha it will be a good
feeling when i'm not doing all this crap

i'm tired but i really need some
REALLY...argh. we're out of macaroni. but life is just
so so good and i'm totally chill with things...hopefully
everyone else is, too, cuz i'm so stoked right now. life
is just honestly and totally awesome.

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