My Life!!!
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2002-11-02 06:52:31 (UTC)

finally got a job!

oooohhhhh man! sorry i haven't been writen lately. i've
been soo busy cuz i started my part time job 3 weeks ago
and i've just been worken and worken! i'm a bagger in FORT
IRWIN...i don't care if you think it's a stupid job but hey
it's a START right? well i'm getten paid tips and usually
i make 30 bucks a day! sumtimes i go three times a week or
2 times a week! i feel all grown up now! at least i know
how it feels like getten paid. i'm saving up for a car so
i can be like bernie, joanne, tim, ferdinand, and all da
homies dat are driven! well i'm still with JEANNIE...da
LUV of my life! man i just love dat gurl soo much! well
iight i'm tired as hell...sooooo laters!


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