My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-11-02 06:43:57 (UTC)

what the dil? 11-01

Well I haven't updated this in forever! Probably cuz nothin
really fun happened the past couple days... this whole week
seemed was a kinda scary day for me
tho... i was walking to second hour and nou yang finds me
and is like melson just passed out and I'm like really? cuz
i knew ppl that passed out before and just went to the
health room so im like whatever... so then in second hour
they made an announcement that he was taken to st. francis
hospital... and i was talkin to Alex Andersen and hes like
yea melson was on a stretcher and shit and i got soooo
worried and upset that i went to the bathroom cuz i didnt
wanna cry in class... i was thinking of the worst.. i dont
know what I'd do without melson... hes such a good guy and
i love him to death! so yea the whole day i was worried but
then they made an announcement again saying he was alert
and talking and stuff so i felt a bit better... then there
were these crazy rumors and shit but w/e... so yea after
school me, nou and amaris went to get him flowers and
balloons and shit and then stopped by his house... and i
found out what really happened and then i got so pissed at
him! he is so easily influenced by others but hes got so
much going for him he cant screw it up like this... i
dunno, i just want him to be the good sweet guy i know he
is when hes not around certain people, Im just glad he's
gunna be ok.. and i know hes gunna change some things
around, i guess it just took a seizure and passing out to
convince him...Big BB, if you ever read this just know that
I love yah and you'll always hold a special place in my
heart... well anywho onto the boring week...I got the Nick
Carter cd this week tho hehe it rocks by the way...
franklin is in first place so far in the kiss fm spirit
contest! we are so gunna win dude... anywho yea i just got
home from a random gay night lol i mean it was fun cuz me,
V, michelle and brandon all just talked and chilled but
there was nothing actually fun to do... although these
chicks were starting shit with us... they saw brandon, the
cutie ;-) hehe in the car so they kept looking and so we
gave them a dirty look and then they sped up and cut us off
like almost hitting us so i lay on the horn (keep in mind
brandons driving i got shotty) and then they keep braking
right in front of us.. so i open the window and am
like "you wanna go? ill fuck you up" lol it was funny so
then they slowed down, and im like sayin shit and then we
get in front of them and at a red light they got behind us
so then im like just do not go just sit there, so we did
and they got sooooo pissed cuz they couldnt get around us
hehe so then they drove off and shit w/e... yea we were
supposed to go see the ring but it sold out damnit hehe ah
well next time but now im tired as hell! so im off to bed!

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