I have become comfortably numb
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2002-11-02 06:34:57 (UTC)

Always Me And You

Well today so far is a good day (even though it has only
been a hour since the day started). Today, me and Jeremy
have been together a month. It still amazes me how in such
a short time, you can wrap your whole life around someone
and completely just fall in love with them. How one
second, one minute, just one moment of your life, can
change you forever, in either a good way or a bad way.
This time, it is deff. for the best. It's kinda funny,
cause we actually met under bad circumstances. I got
myself into trouble as usual, of course. And Jeremy not
even knowin me from the next stranger, helped me out. He
didn't need to, but he did. And I still remember,
completely just forgeting everything I thought I knew about
love when I just glanced at him that first time. I mean,
it wasn't just his looks, (although trust me the boy looks
DAMN GOOD!) but it was just something completely
unexplainable happened to me. Just by bein around him I
got this sense like everything was gonna be ok. And for
that moment it was. Then for the next couple of weeks I
proceeded to only think about him. Hopin I could see him
again, and just be with him. And then sure enough, LRS
Fest rolled around, and that was one hell of a day. It
started off good. Then in the middle of the day, SOOO very
many extreme misunderstandings, began to unfold. Well by
the end of the night when everyone was goin home and I was
in the back of the car with him, it kinda well, went good
from there. Then of course I had to go home, and then my
brother (well he might as well be my brother), Chad came
over to fix my computer (b/c it is a piece of shit). Well
he tells me that Jeremy has done nothing but talk about
me. So he tells me how much Jeremy likes him, I tell him
how much I like Jeremy. Well, sure enough the next day, we
all hang out, and me and Jeremy hook up. I have to say one
thing though. This has been the best month of my entire
life. Sure it has had it's ups and downs, but hey life can
never be completely perfect. But with all the bad things
that has happened in both our past and that is even still
happening now, we are helpin each other through it. He is
there for me just like I am there for him, and that is the
way it is gonna stay. Whoever thought I could find the
love of my life at Rally's? Lol, I never thought I would.
But I did. Even though we have only been together a month,
I know he has really been with me, my whole life. Gettin
me through, until I finally found him, which I have. So
today it is 31 days, I can't wait till we are celebrating
31 years. I love you baby, don't ever ever forget that.
You are my life, my everything, and we can make it through
whatever we have to.

I love you Jeremy.

Love Always
Your Dark Angel

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