2002-11-02 06:11:31 (UTC)

its ice outside & im still burning

the pounding of my heart i depend on to tell me when im
starving. for you.
the world is a lousy lover; dont fool yourself into
thinking its love that will cure you. there is no cure like
the love of the present. the one person that could. that
can. endless possibilities, but only now in your art. time
is the fourth dimension (ever, ever). endless. like this
hunger i harbor for you. harnessed & safe & unspoken.
maybe tomorrow well be lovers. you'll be me and ill be
you.. & we are all together. And youll say all the things
ive stiffled & ill say all the things you needed to hear.
reassurance & comfort. o. & i love you.

i wish i would have told you all this sooner..

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