Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-02 05:21:32 (UTC)


yeah, i'll write also. my computer has broken, so that's
why i never get to write on this here diary. so reading
matt 1's diary, he likes the word anywho. just an
observation. i'm in nashville at the moment visiting
family. there's alot of people over here and i really just
wanna go to sleep, but they won't. i got a little buz from
drinking some wine with them, but they don't know that.
i'll be back home tommorrow. i really want another job,
because my boss is an a-hole to the max. i'm so tired
ladies and gentelman. i work to much during the week. so,
let's hope for the best and i'll see you darlings later.
joel 3