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2002-11-02 05:17:28 (UTC)

Good Charlotte & Halloween

Hey there! Guess what?!?! wednesday the 30 I went to the
Good Charlotte Concert at Jillians... It was so awesome. I
met this chick band called "Halo Friendlies." They are
sooo awesome. I am always supporting the chick bands but
this one is number 1! I got their autographs and a picture
with them. They are the nicest! Good Charlotte was really
good. I got like 4 feet from touching them but then this
guy pushed me out of the way... Grrr I was so mad.

Last night I went trick-or-treating with Ashlee and
Brooke. We dressed up like we were in a punk band
called "The Big Mouth Frog." Megan was supposed to go but
she was tired from the night before at the concert.

My ex BJs parents think he wants to kill himself because he
wrote words of a song down on his folder. If they new BJ
they would know that he is all for God and BJ knows if you
kill yourself you will go straight to hell.

Well I am sleepy...

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