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2002-11-02 05:15:45 (UTC)

Finally at UML

so i've been going to Umass Lowell for about 2 full months
now and lets just say...what an experience...i remember i
almost backed out of the whole college deal back in the
middle of summer..i'm really glad i didn't..

when i was reviewing my older entries in my journal..the
one i am writing in now i must have deleted about
25...mainly they all had to do with how men suck in high
school and come to learn THEY STILL DO! lol

but anyways i'm going to get to bed soon cuz its 12:15 a.m.
and i'm tired...i dont' know what wrong with me...i dont'
sleep til 1 usually...but i'll update this next time i get
a chance...later =)