All in the Night
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2001-08-10 19:56:16 (UTC)

Yay, School!

Whoa, i haven' twritten in here in a looooonnnnnng time!
Well let me see what's happened since the last time i
wrote. Ohhh, school started back! It seems to be going
pretty well fo rthe past 2 days. I have spanish 2 in the
morning (we still don't have a teacher), then Ap english,
annual, and then marching band. All in all, everything is
cool except getting up early! OMG, i lied to Andre, i feel
sooooo bad! I asked him to work for me so that i could go
out witha friend...i female friend. I really went out with
chad and had a really good time, but i knew Dre would never
work for me if i told him the truth. But in the car on
the way home last night and like every five minutes while
we were eating Chad kept we lept saying that we'd miss each
other and that he'd call me and come see me. I felt like
an old married couple where one of the people were going
away....lol. OMG, i had an intersting day with Andre too
on Wednesday. We rented a movie and didnt watch any of
it. Anyways, i'll have to explain that later...I'm out