~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-08-10 19:43:05 (UTC)


hello, its so hot now man i wish it would be cooler but no
iot wont be. i just got home from stars house, i spent the
night there, i cant belive it that i left the house over
night. its odd. christina found out she is haveing a nother
baby, what does she need with 3 kids???? my cousin found
out she only have 3 months to live and she is trying to
find a place for all six of her kids but she wants to keep
them together. im home alone yet again . im trying to get
use to it, ijust hate it being home all by myslef all day
long almost every day. teddi might be pregnet every on
thinks she is. star cant go to the blink 182 concert, and
she is mad about it i told her i had the tickits to go to o-
town and it pissed her off when i asked christina to go and
not her, it was funny. well im leaveing off thes lame ass
thing so see ya