My problems.
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2002-11-02 03:21:23 (UTC)

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to love a friend? I realize we will never be
anything more then friends, but I guess the fact that I
love her makes her feel weird. I don't like her feeling
weird, I just really like spending time with her. But I
guess that's a bad thing afterall. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I
love you, I'm sorry I care, I'm sorry that I'll always be

Stephanie I want you to know that I don't want you in any
sexual way. I don't want you to be my girlfriend. I don't
want you in that way at all. I used to want to be your boyfriend. .
I'll admit that. I dunno what to write or say. Your too concerned
with yourself to realize that I have feelings. This is were I
leave you. Thanks for ruining my birthday. I apprecaite

My birthday is in three days and all I wanted to do was
spend time with you tommarow. I like spending time
with you cause that's the only time I really do have fun. I
guess me having fun translates into bad things to you.
Whatever. I'm out, and I feel like shit. Bye.

She's cute and when she's not being cruel, she's fun. Somehow
to me, the good outweighs the bad, but when there's's

I mean I've realized that nothing will happen, ever. That is so
beyond obvious. I don't even want to go out with you, I mean
think aobut it. I just like you a lot. it's not that I want to go out with
you or kiss you or any of that stuff anymore. it's just having fun
with you. Your one of my best friends and I have SO MUCH FUN
WITH YOU. I don't understand why you think that that is such a
bad thing.

You don't know what you want. But the sad thing is that when i'm
gone you'll miss me. And maybe you'll realize exactly what you
missed out on. I mean honestly I want someone like April. April
was so good to me and I fucked it up. Ya know the sad thing? I
gave her up. I gave up the one thing in my life that was
PURE and whatever. Now I'll search for the rest of my life
for someone as wonderful as her and I'll never find her. Never.


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