Why Me?
2001-08-10 18:46:46 (UTC)

*chews fingernails* I'm going to DIE!


Save me! Hide me! Put me in a concentration camp! Do whatever you have to - but PLEASE don't make me get a shot! ANYTHING but that! Oh please, oh please, oh please! Diary, this is the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me! As of Tuesday the 14th, I will be no more! I'm getting Tetanus shot! A TETANUS SHOT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAN! Oh sure, it's not that BAD, you say. It won't KILL you, you say. Well "you" lie! Shots are horrible! I have an honest-to-god phobia of shots. The last shot that I got, there were about two people holding me down and I cried like a stuck pig! God, this is terrible, Diary!!!!! A SHOT! And this is a shot that actually HURTS, so I hear! *Sobs*!
God. Now, everyone is probably thinking, "what a baby". So fucking what?! I don't care! I have two huge fears: insects of any nature, and shots. They ARE real phobias, as they DO effect my daily life. I am also afraid of heights, but not ridiculously so. But bugs and shots truly terrify me. It's quite probable that I will have a freaking HEARTATTACK because of my fear and then I really WILL die!!!!
Well, Diary, I'll be going. I just thought that I would share my impending demise with the rest of the world. Au revoir!