can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-11-02 01:46:37 (UTC)

my night

hung out w/ sardou tonight...great fun
we drove around for a while first-felt really bad becaues i
totally ditched liz and courtney {{{HUGS}}} but...Went to
Ashfield Dr. and his old neighborhood, which was cool.
reminiscing and all that shit. oh, first we went to
walmart. (yeah, we really didn't have much to do) then i
was gonna drop him off at home but instead we came back to
my house to watch Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. ;)
he was laying there w/ his head on my lap and like right at
the end of the movie he took my glasses off (which was like
the sexiest thing ever, i would like to add) and
goes "you're not dense, right?" and i said no, and i got
the meaning, but not totally. what happened was the other
night brie and her new boy toy alanzo were chilling and
brie took his glasses and told him she wouldn't give them
back until he gave her something. and it took him a frickin
half an hour to kiss her! so yeah, sardou took my glasses
and i got his comment was in reference to brie and a. lo,
but i didn't get the actualy glasses part so maybe i am
dense. then he said something like "it better not take you
45 minutes" and of course it didn't. after the movie ended
i was all "oh, guess i better get you home now" and we
stood up and i said "well, since i need my glasses to
drive..." and i'm sure you can go from there. i was ALL for
wild monkey sex tonight but my goddamned period! so
anyways, it was just a kiss and not much but he was just
holding my waist, not all the way around which i *love* and
i was like "ooh, starburst!" lol, cuz that's
his "aphrodesiac" (those strawberry candies w/ gel on the
inside? thats mine) so yeah, and then he gave me my glasses
back and i drove him home and he asked for "one more"
before he left which was good cuz i was trying to figure
out a way to kiss him myself (i suck at that) and then we
kissed and he left. i dont' know why i'm going into so much
detail, but i want to, and hey it made me happy. it was
cool just to hang out because we never really do that.
friends w/ benefits--THE best thing to be! i'm relaxed,
which is amazing. so next time hopefully farther cuz i am
ready to jump his bones, but ssh! don't tell anyone! lol,
like its some big secret. alright, i'm going to read fanfic
and maybe he'll come online...gotta get oneal working a
little bit...meant to ask sardou if they're still
practicing every day. whatever, we'll see. kay. bye.