My Journey to Motherhood and Life
2001-08-10 18:28:38 (UTC)

Contemplating parenthood and life

Today I was supposed to work until 330pm but got let off at
noon. It's nice to have Friday afternoon off! I have got to
clean the kitchen,it is a real disaster.
Tonight, my husband and I might go see Planet of the Apes
with friends, if everyone is up to it. My dad called last
night to see if we want to go to the state fair. I told him
sure and I'll call him back tonight to finalize the
plans.It's weird that I've know him all my 28 years, but
just feel that I am starting to get to know him as a person
and not just a dad. It's crazy to think that my future kids
will see me as "Mom" and not a regular person just like they
are (and I am!).
So my husband is this really great guy.He is very caring
and sweet. I'll tell you what, the sex last night was
fabulous! He is definately talented in that area! Enooough
So I think my time to get pregnant in this cycle is over. I
am really planning to start "trying" in the next cycle. I
will probably change my mind. Of course I am watching
"Baby Story" on discovery as I am writing. I hope I am not
becoming baby obsessed. It is probably a natural stage in a
woman's life.
I always make plans to do things and never finish most of
them. I have got to get organized.
I decided not to go to my 10 year high school reunion. I
agonized over it and decided it wasn't worth my trouble. I
still see the friends that I care about. Oh well.