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2002-11-02 01:14:47 (UTC)

the moose farm

last nigt was pretty dang cool. me and eight other people
walked around after it got dark. the weather was absolutely
perfect. we were out for hours. i got closer with this guy,
ryan. he's been good friends with sarah for a lil bit. he
changed schools a month ago or so and i've hardly seen him
since then. but yeah, i got to find out how cool he is. we
were walking along I-10, a big highway with zooming cars
and stuff. and we walked along a narrow, really steep, bit
of grass that went almost straight down into the big gutter
full of nasty smelly water and god knows what else. we all
had to walk in a singly file line thing. ryan was behind me
and grabbed me and acted like he was going to push me down
into that nasty foul ditch and i screamed 'shit' really
loud. but he was just playin and he held me tight so i
wouldn't fall. i was buggin out a lil but when we were by
it i asked him what he woulda done if i actually did fall
in. he said he woulda jumped in with me. i dunno, there's
sumthin about him that's so comforting. a lot of times i
get nervous or uncomfortable around guys, but i could be
totally relaxed around him. he seems like an awesome friend
and stuff. at sarah's house, we were laying on the living
room floor with our legs propped up on the couch. her mom
tried to take pictures of all of us. and me and ryan were
sharing a small pillow and we hid our faces under it when
sarah's mommy tried to take pictures of us. i
dunno....sarah's pretty much got dibs on him despite the
fact she's got a boyfriend. and now that he doesn't go to
my school anymore, i hardly see him. sarah talks to him on
the phone a bit. lastnight when she got home she called
heim cause we were supposed to stop by his house after he
went home but w didn't. and she was on the phone qwith him
till 2 am or so. so i dunno...i don't want to ask abotu him
a lot. he's just really cool and i hope i can chill with
him more often.

on the folks are fixing to go at
it again. i swear they are. my dad is talking like he wants
to divorce. and all my mom does is bitch about dad. oi
fucking vieh. it all makes me sick. i want to barf