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2001-08-10 17:52:09 (UTC)


mothta sucka.. deres dese stoopid ass ants crawlin up my
leg.. and i hate it.. gets mee all itchy or what not.. i
don't like.. but.. wutever... imma go out of town
everyone!.. im going up to bay area.. cuz.. my brother goes
ta college up there...(( cal berkely )).... and we goin
drop him off and ish.. and settle him in.. he livin in his
frat house next year.. and ewww.. his frat house is the
ugliest thing ive ever seen.. but.. wutever.. i guess he
likes it... soo... wutever makes him happy..

damn.. dese past days...SUCKED..aaahh.. when am i goin get
out dis hell hole.. foo realz..oo well.. wutever... goosh
man.. muh homechick sydnie.. sent mee this conversation she
had wid dis other girl..and..dayum.. dat shiiit was funny..
u soo funny girl!..ehehe.. n-e wayz.. (( because i got
high..because i got high))... ooo dayu.. dat song is a
trip.. i thought i was the onlee one who knew it...and
den.. all of a sudden..everyone is singing it.. =).. its
dope.. i alreayd played it out..soo..yah..

lalalala...fukkin ant is up on my neck.. shiiit.. oo well..