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2002-11-02 00:17:21 (UTC)

TomNPete: Adventures at the Pep Rally

Today we had a big pep rally to prepare for the Homecoming
game on Monday night. Half of the school piled into the
gym, and the music was blaring and the cheerleaders were
screaming and jumping around. They announced every club,
and the club could go out and preform something. I saw Dana
and Nora, and they waved me over to where they were

They announced Homecoming Court. OF COURSE Tom and Pete
were both announced. Really, how could you vote for one and
not vote for the other? THEY LOOK EXACLTEY ALIKE!

I could see the twins standing across the gym where all the
seniors were. When they called "Golf club!" the twins
sprinted out with a few over people and Dana and I laughed.
They were in GOLF CLUB?

Then, Tom took off his shirt and painted on his chest was a
bright red bulls-eye. They blinded folded him, and he stood
still. Pete stood about 10 yards away with a golf club and
a ball, placed it on the ground, and prepared to whacked
his brother squarely in the chest with the golf ball. Dana
and I winced, and we could hear a lot of other girls
gasping as the twin prepared to swing. He did, and missed
Tom by about 5 feet. Instead, the ball hit a guy sitting on
the ground in the eye. That wasn't good. Then all the guy
members of golf club jumped on Tom and brought him down.
Sadly, he put his shirt back on.

I am so joining golf club.

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