~*life sucks*~
2002-11-01 23:59:04 (UTC)

Skewl sucks

Hey I'm going to my friends party tonight hopefully
something will good happen and it won't be al boring and
stuff. Skewl sucked so bad this week we had these stupid
teranove testing things to do its test by the state and
stuff. so we were on block schudles where u have two hr
long classes it sucked big one lol.
I had a little fun so it wasn't all bad but it was so
screwy. Then i went out last night and took my little bro
out for halloween and then me and my bestfriend steph went
back to his place for about 30mins and help him scare ppl.
It was so cold why is it so fuckin cold on halloween every
freakin yr.
btw i live in missouri