2002-11-01 23:58:50 (UTC)


Ahhhh I haven't written in like 11dy billion years I swear!
Anyway, I guess you're wondering what I did for Halloween
AM I RIGHT? Most likely not.
Sarah and I dressed Shauna up as our imaginary friend (long
silver sparkley ass cape and a crown), she looked like a
rapist when she went to go say trick or treat, it was so
funny....we were stoned. Nothing else is new, haha.
...My ex and I got back together a week before Halloween so
he's gonna be coming over later, and Shauna's going to be
here 'cause I suck, haha....yea.
Blah, I can't think of anything else BIG that went on this
week....dodododododo, yep I'm outta ideas!
Payge XXX