"The Day Maggie Blew Off Her Head"
2001-08-10 17:05:19 (UTC)

The meaning of life is Chicken!

In TDMBOHH, God offered the overweight, mentally challenged
woman who asked 'what's the meaning of life?' a chicken
wing from KFC. So the answer is, "Chicken..." ^__^


I'm waaaay too easily amused...
But back to my favorite topic- ME!
I'm 16 and I live in Hickville Central. My mother was
married to a man who she had three kids with- but that man
left her for another man who he's been living with for a
really long time now. My mother did, however, meet another
man in a bowling alley- they got married and had another
kid- ME! That leaves me with 3 half brothers (the youngest
is 25!!!) on my mom's side and a half sister (who already
has her own kids!) on my dad's side.

No... I'm not a lesbian, tho some would think otherwise.
Hmph... I have little to no sexual experience with guys due
to several not-so-great experiences in my past dealing with
sexual abuse. MOVING ALONG! (don't worry- I'm almost
finished!) I lived in Ohio the first 3 years of my life...
then we moved to Puerto Rico. I lived there for 6 years
and then moved to North Carolina where I was outcasted!!!!
Grrr... Finally- after 4 years in NC we moved to IL where I
am now and hope to finish High School here! Unfortunately
daddy dearest wants the family to move down to Texas where
he's currently working. -_-* So that's my past.
Interesting- I think not. But at least it's out of the way
now and I can enjoy life's other joys- like food...

Only I can't cook *sigh* Well there's always sleep...

Except I'm an insomniac *...sigh...*

Well there's always drawing! *grin* Yes people! I AM AN
ARTISTE! not artist... ARTISTE! oroo... I only have one
of these diary/journal thingies here because my friend has
one, DarkVenus... I have a journal on Blogger.com- but the
UK is unfortunately in a different time zone so I came here
in search for better timing...

Bored yet? *yawn* Damn Straight... zzzzzz

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