~*life sucks*~
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2002-11-01 22:49:18 (UTC)


I have no luck w/ guys. Thats ok i guess. They either start
going out with my friends or someone i really can't stand.
I have so many different guy friends and there all
different. its crazy. like here some

Tony: he's like my bestfriend he such a crackhead sometimes
but he's cool to hang w/.

John: he's kool i just really got to know him this year.

Josh: He's kool too can be very strang sometimes but thats

Sean: omg he's the best person to talk to when u have
problems don't know y but i think of him as my big brother
always giving advice and stuff.

Zach: he's crazy He's cool to hang w/.

Derek: loves to talk crap lol he's acutally really nice tho.

John k: known him since the summer really but he's this
kind of person that u atomatically like when u meet him.

Dwane: ok never poke him he goes very

Last my bestest guy friend in the whole wide world:
Russell: omg i miss u so much u need to come home he is the
best person to talk to get to know with and can always show
u a great time.

Ok so not all guys suck. lol