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2002-11-01 22:46:11 (UTC)

November 1, 2002 2:19PM (Friday)

I found out last night that my Aunt Sharon has a blood
desease and she has a bald spot on her head. She lives with
her ex husband again, Mike. I feel so bad for being mean to
her. I'm gonna have someone pray with me for her to be
healed. My Aunt Kristie is in jail. She's Uncle Albert's
girlfriend and his kid's mom. She was having an affair with
my dad and I guess he broke it off. So, she got mad and
came over acting all crazy and beligerent. My dad called
the cops and she was hauled off to jail. I can't believe my
dad was having an affair with my Aunt. I knew it all along
but I denied it. I never admitted it was true. Well,
Elizabeth and I are going to the library so she can go
online. I'll finish posting what's on my mind when I get