mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-11-01 22:26:50 (UTC)

good news, bad news...

it is fri nov 1 2002. I amm at work, i am depressed.
Yesterday was NOT a good day. It started with having to go
to court for the break in , Lisa was very stressed, i hate
to see her this way, I do all I can to help keep her stress
free, to hope to get her better. It wasnt working. we got
out of court lil after 11, we still have no idea as to what
the outcome was. Then came holloween night, we were trying
to go to a fair in westfield, we didnt have directions,
kids were fighting, i was stressed, lisa was mega stressed,
we gave up, went trick or treating , that went pretty good,
but for rest of night & all of today Lisa has not even been
close to bein happy. When she gets this way I hurt big
time, cause I am doin my best to help her to get better,
and it isnt working.
Good news is that today it was confirmed that my partner
that i despise working with is leaving. He will be leaving
in 2 weeks, he is goin to be working for the city of
Ansonia, and only dispatching on a per-deim basis. I am
hoping to assume his shift, but i wont know more on that
until december. I also got more good news on a financial
front concerning my job, but i cant put any details in here
for fear of the info leaking to undesirable sources.
so it has been quite a couple of days, i can only hope that
the weekend will be better for lisa & i .....

Lisa I do Love You! you are everything to me !