My Life
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2001-08-10 16:18:30 (UTC)


Well the other day i was talking to Mandy about how hard it
was for her to play anymore and this is why i am writing
this. I mean all along she was one of the few people on
our team who never complained about playing or anything and
then she was the one who got hurt. I mean although high
school is over for her now, I still feel sorry for her
because I knew how much she loved to play. She told me
when it get's hard or tiring or even boring just think
what if i couldn't play anymore? I mean that is an awful
thing to think about. I don't know what I would do if i
couldn't play anymore. Not to be able to just go and play
anytime i wanted too. I mean i know when i hurt my ankle
and I couldn't play for like two weeks, that about killed
me not to play at open gyms. After I got done talking to
to her I have been thinking about how much we take playing
for granted but one day if it was ever taking away from
you, you would feel bad for thinking you didn't want to
play anymore. Seriously I think from now on i will play
harder, just from having that conversation with her. I
mean I will play like it is my last game cause you never no
when it will be your last game. How will you know when you
are going to get hurt or something and not be able to
play. You just never no?

Well that's all for now..

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