Pointless Dribble
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2002-11-01 20:53:18 (UTC)

the day after grr...

Well, I thought about everything today. I need to confront
him. He needs to know that I know that he said that
stuff. I also need to find out if it is true. I am going
to talk to one of his friends today that was in the car.
His friend will tell me the truth. I just need to know so
that i can find peace. If its not true me and the mutual
friend is going to exchange words, and if it true...well
him and I are definately going to conversate. I do not
deserve to be second best to no one. I am better than
that. I know that he cares, but I also know that most guys
have their head up their asses. But since I only slept
like a hour last night I am going to take a nap. I more
grumpy than I need to be. I dont know maybe I will treat
myself tonight and take myself out. Who know...all I know
is that I can't stop thinking of him. It truly sucks.
Lots of Love,