good times, good times
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2001-08-10 15:33:12 (UTC)


i need a band aid...cuz i am cut!
yeah right...
this morning i got up and went to the Y to work out with
kevin and louie. after the workout kevin took me to
mcdonalds for breakfast. yum! i love mcdonalds breakfast. he
said he'd call me to come watch a movie later cuz neither of
us have to work till the late shift today. i think kevin
likes me. i think i like kevin. i love this just dating
stuff. instead of only a lance, or only a kevin, i have a
kevin as well as a lance, and i'm not cheating!! seymour was
just stupid. that's why we didn't do all this there. i'm not
totally sure bout kevin though. he's one of my managers at
work. he's 23 and he's an awesome baseball player. he even
tried out with the Reds. he doesn't know yet what the coach
decided though. but anyway, back to why i'm not
sure...we've hung out a couple of times. at a party last
weekend where by the way, we were both pretty smashed. he
didn't do much then except when we were playin horse shoes i
was on his team, and he kept huggin me and rubbin my back
etc. this party's been the only place were anything could
really have happened. the only other times we've been
together are at work, and we went ot chucky cheese after
work on wednesday cuz we get lots of chucky cheese tokens
mixed in with plex tokens at work, so he had three bags
totally full so we went and played. nothing really happened
there either. then there was this morning. he hugged me
before i left mcdonalds which translates to: i wanna do
more, but i don't know if that's ok with you, so i'm just
gonna try this for now, and when we watch a movie at my
house today i'll try a little more. that's my take on it
anyway. i guess we'll just see wont' we. i wish he'd hurry
up and call though!

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