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2002-11-01 19:40:30 (UTC)

Goin with the Flo

well, life is great as usual. I'm getting over my
situation with those anti-depressants. I think I've gone
through the last of the withdrawl.

A lot has happened in these past few weeks! New girl, new
advertising, new licence, insurance, and even a new
school! I signed up at CCP for the Spring semester. I
wanna finish my degree in Communications. I'm not too far

Recovery is good. I'm at peace for the most part. I've
been meditating and finding new ways to connect. I've
been checking out new music like Ravi Shankar, rare
Beatles stuff and oooohh....my favorite woman...Lady Miss
Keir (Dee-Lite). She is a goddess, a diva, miss sexy
thang! I admire women djs! Especially her!

I am in mad love with the most beautiful woman in the
world, but I'm mad that there's not enough time in a day
to see her, hold her, smell her, taste her ;)

I wonder if there's a way she could be any more
attractive? She's everything I've ever wanted in a
woman. And now...I've somehow managed to see her stick
around. Hopefully, she will for a while.