files of the weenie kid
2002-11-01 19:29:41 (UTC)


I had a big ole halloween party last night, it was fun, a
bunch of people came...i got a haircut.

well, i wish i wasn't such a stupid stupid idiot girl. i
wish i could put out the vibe a little better, i try to go
undercover al the time, but i think what i really need to
do is be a little more bold. and actually act like i like
the dude instead of just expecting him to come to me. cos i
mean, that only happens like every once in a while, but
that's not getting me anywhere right now. so, here's how
it's gonna play. the next time i hang out with one of my 3
guys, i'm gonna actually do what i've always wanted to do,
and instead of standing back and waiting for him to come to
me, i'm gonna go to him. and he's gonna know that i'm
interested in him, darnit!!!