My Life
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2001-08-10 15:22:03 (UTC)


K, so yesterday brad dave jenna and i all went to use
devon's pool since he's away at the cottage. it was kinda
like my birthday day since the boys will be away on my
actual birthday. It was just so much fun, we just hung out
in the pool like all afternoon. then dave had some hockey
so we went to watch that sicne the arena is right by brad's
house, omg i miss watching hockey so much! jenna and i were
both like YAY! then we went back to brads and we tried to
fit all 4 of us on his bed (he has a single bed) and it was
just so funny, brad lying on me for the longest time and i
was just playing with his hair...AH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!
he's so fucking cute!! and i love his mom so much she's
the best woman ever!! but yah yesterday was such a blast!!
and like honestly, he has the nicest body...i was like
drooling...haha it was so funny, when we got ot his house
he was still asleep so jenna dave and i like all jumped on
him to wake him up, it was so great. and awww k brad's mom
has like a daycare and there's this little boy who has
down's syndrome and brad is so damn cute with him he like
plays with him and like aww it's just so friggin cute!!!
AHHHHHHHH im going insane i want brad sooooooo badly...but
now i don't get to see him for like more than 2 weeks cuz
him and dave left this morning for baseball and i leave on
sunday and wont be back for 2 weeks and the weekend i come
back they're away at baseball again AHHHHHHHHHHH but once
they're back...i am going to rape that boy!! (not
literally..) ahhh...but yah anyways, i wrote a lot and i am
going to have a shower now