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2002-11-01 18:59:44 (UTC)

we can only hold so much, is what i figure.

yeah so i just sat on my ass for an hour after my two
classes today waiting for some stupid meeting when only 3
other people showed up.

i am not a pleased group member at this point.

our fucking project presentation is in like 2 weeks and i
do not need this stupid motherfucking class fucking up my


i feel bad about the way that i feel right now.
it doesnt change the fact that im feeling this.


mommy is making me chicken fingers.

i hate how i go from happy to upset so quickly sometimes.


i hate when people close to me.
question me.
why does it matter.
why cant you do it this way.
just a lot of things.

because it does. it just does.
and because
i do things my way.

i want to see emilys mom.
i miss her.
shes...such a mom.
such a fucking mom.
i need some encouragement.
i need some love.

i love her so much.

"i know, its just when you love someone. youre supposed to
make them happy."

sandys birthday is tomorrow.
hell yeah.
more people to buy me alcohol and get me drunk.

i want to be drunk.
i want to be drunk some place far away from here.
some place...
like tallahassee??

im just waiting to see if i get in...
i guess we will see.
my mom said about a week.

i hope its sooner.

i just want to get out of here.

i want to get out of it all.

and the people who i care the most about
either dont care
or dont make time

so yeah

just fuck everything