Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-08-10 15:10:33 (UTC)

Friday, August 10th

All is calm for the moment, accept for what I have created
for myself by posting on an adoption site about the
nightmare we had with the lawyer over the boys, I was just
trying to keep it from happening to someone else, but this
one woman is just attacking me saying how it is all my
fault that I was not a good enough mother and I was not
committed or cared. I just can't believe someone would
attack me like that who does not know those boys or how
hard we did try without any help. Oh well, I will just
quit posting and trying to protect others, let them learn
the same lesson we did the hard way.

I am still waiting on test results and my attorney says if
it comes back positive then I need to call her and she will
set child support, she also explained to me how that works,
for example if he makes $100 a week then I would get 20% or
$20, then she would be entitled to 20% of the remaining $80
or $16. Meaning his income would have 36% going out for
child support. That would leave him hardly anything to
live on, I feel bad about that, but then again it will be
his fault if that is how things work out. I mean come
September he will be make commission and will make closer
to $600 a week, but for now it would be really hard. He
would owe back to her since December and the hospital bill
for the baby, and then would owe me current. He could find
himself in deep trouble.

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