Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-01 18:30:16 (UTC)

what the piss????????

OK so I wrote in here yesterday and obviously it's not up
so I am writing again....OK so I have been on the phone for
about 2 hours trying to reactivate my phone because I am
behind on payments because I make no money. And I keep
getting the run around. I am so fed up with this. Ok now I
have my cell phone again...Man was I pissed off! Anywho I
seem to be the only one to write in this journal out of 5
people and for that I am sorry. Secondly I am sorry because
it even takes me almost 2 weeks to write. So I am
completely sorry. Anywho we played a show the other night
at my brothers church. we don't usually play churches but
he just became the youth pastor and wanted to do something
for his kids. But it was fun(besides getting really really
lost) I like playing shows where people
actually care that we are there and actually buy
merchandise too. Other than that we have 6 new songs
completely finshed recording and 3 more to go. You can get
them from matt2 just email us and ask. and 2 of them are on
MP3.comBut yeah other than that we are doing well still
having label interest and I promise soon very soon one way
or another will will have Paifico's 1st full length album.
well, yeah so here I am needing to be at work but instead I
am writing in the journal; my next job is to write a mass
email for everyone for the month of November. then a shower
some food and then maybe work?? if not, work is tomorrow.
Anywho well I am off I hope this does for now...(LETTER TO
Last movie seen-Jackass(very god go today)
last cd bought-Nirvana/Greatest hits(I love this band)
last book read-the westing game(I didn't know who did it
till I read it and this is a childrens book)
God Bless,