lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-01 17:44:19 (UTC)

i'll be gone till november...

ahh there's probably a good song for every month of the
year...i've decided that must be true.

so yeah...october nights ended last night. i know i hurt
some feelings last night and i didn't want to...but i also
don't want to be responsible for a single set of
feelings...haha if that made any sense. whatever.

so eddie and bobby came by last night and we talked for a
while...then they left and eddie called to ask if i wanted
to go to a haunted house w/ him & bobbo & matt...and eddie
and i went to get gas together...then we went to the
haunted house but there was no haunted we just
drove around and went to taco bell and stuff...whatever.
and then we stood outside matt's house for a long time & it
was kind of cute. but i guess supposedly we're going
out..? yeah, we obviously need to have a talk. and then
they finally had to leave after a bunch of goodbyes and
walking back and forth...and then i stayed for a while and
talked to matt about some stuff and i've had a headache
ever since.