Malu Lani

Dear Diary
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2002-11-01 16:27:22 (UTC)

Go Cavaliers!!

Today is the day after Halloween, it was a fun day. Brad
and I stayed home to give the trick or treaters candy. It
was so cute. There were kids dressed up like Spiderman,
and uhh, little baby pumpkins, and my favorite, the little
baby bumble bee. That little baby was the cutest.

Anna and I went to this place called Buffalo Exchange, it's
really cool. It's like a second hand store, except nicer.
Yeah the prices are higher, but they're a lot lower than in
the retail stores....I got the black and white superstars
that I wanted.
(And just in case I don't know what superstars are the next
time I read this, they're a newer version of the old adidas
basketball shoes.)

So we go to the Cavaliers game tonight. Hopefully Carlos
sees me, not that he'll recognize me but yeah. I'm VERY
excited. Hopefully we're sitting pretty close the the
bench....oh my gosh I'm SO exited.

But anyway, Brad and I have a lot to do today so I'll write
again after the game hehe....