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2002-11-01 15:25:23 (UTC)

Happy Halloween!

We had very few trick or treaters tonight, probably because
the weather while clear, is very cold. The temperature at
7:30 p.m .was below freezing. Too cold for the little guys.

Hugh gave out the treats. He counted the number who came
to the door--24. His favorite was a little boy about six
wearing a monster costume. He didn't say "trick or treat"
he just growled. Hugh pretended to be scared; the little
boy loved it.

I bought a Hinterberg quiltling hoop and stand on Ebay
earlier in the week. It should be arriving from Texas
tomorrow. The hoop is 24 inches. I plan on buying the lap
frame which has a 14 inch hoop so I can use the smaller one
if I want to in the stand. That should work out quite well.
I want to baste the backing and batting to a small quilt
top so I'll have it ready to go. This way I'll have the
big frame for big quilts, a hoop for smaller quilts and a
lap frame and hoop for doll quilts and to do rug hooking.

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