Pointless Dribble
2002-11-01 09:56:39 (UTC)


For every one wonderful night, there has to be a million
bad nights. Funny how things happen. This year, I think I
can say holloween sucked. I spent one too many hours in the
cold. Though, it would have been the same if I was inside.
I went with my roommate trick-or-treating with her little
daughter. That was okay. But it was really cold out.
After that, I went to his house. He decided that it
would be fun to go to the cementary. So a group of us
went. When I took two steps in the place, I teared up, and
had to leave. I just had one of those weird feeling, like
I didn't belong there, so I left. But thats okay, because
another girl got freaked out so we sat in the car and
conversated. When he got to the car of course we got mocked
for being chicken...but thats ok.
After we left, I found out through a mutual friend
that "she" was over at his house waiting for him. Also, I
found out that he was planning to f... her and kick her
out. Nice I know. Then on top of finding this out...I
guess he was hitting on the girl I conversated with saying
that she should get ahold of him tomorrow so that they
could f... . Funny thing is, the girl told me everything.
I cant stand the thought of him of right this moment he
he is having sex with her. He is sopost to be breaking up
with her tonight not her. Grrr...I hate men. I
hate how they are fickle. I hate how they can set a girl
up only to let her down. I hate how I can sit here and cry
over something that I dont know for sure what is
happening. I hate that he knows all that I feel, and yet I
am still confused about him. I hate love. I should know
beter. I have been hurt too often, to put myself through
this again. But yet I sit here letting it happen.
Boys Suck! Im going to bed!
Lot of Love...maybe...

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