And now for something completely dumb
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2002-11-01 09:47:56 (UTC)

Sleepless Again

I'm having more and more trouble going to sleep. I don't
know what the deal is. I get up at the same time, around
7:30 regardless of what time I go to bed. Today
(tomorrow???) is looking to be a great day. I get paid,
I'm gonna go see Jackass, we play the Phi Delts in
football, and then we have a function with our alumni.
Some of them are coming hundreds of miles for this. Oh,
and I found a date, thank God.

If you haven't noticed I usually talk about the bad things
going on. Well, this is the way I deal with them. I am
far from being a perfect guy when it comes to girls, ask
Andrea and Stacie. But unlike some guys, I do feel bad
for the shit I did. But I believe I've made up for it.

I'm pretty sure I failed 2 tests on Thursday. Good
times. I gotta clean out my head. I have so many ideas
and thoughts in there that I can't think right. Yeah most
of them are dumb stunts to do. But I have partial poems
in there, school stuff, work stuff, fraternity stuff, etc.

Me and Stacie have been hanging out quite a bit lately.
Which is cool as hell. We have a lot of fun. With her
telling people she goes to Newman and me tripping over
tree stumps, good times good times.

Holy shit...I'm tired. Good deal. I didn't know what
else to say anyway.

Song playin: Epiphany by Staind
Next person to call: Brad
Cigarettes thus far: 1
Dumb thing done/said: Too early still, check back later

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