~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
2002-11-01 08:24:02 (UTC)


Look what gayities have been going on about me at the
pantera board:
t=40293&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 . That shit is old
information anyways, so I used to be whorish... who cares?
I'm not anymore! People there are just too FUCKING
OBSESSED! They need to get a fucking life & stop osessing
over mine! It is pretty funny tho. It's like I'm famous
before I'm actually famous! Anyways, lookie at my new (LJ)
icon. A girl from DeadJournal made the Rachel part for me.
I forgot her user name but when I check I'll post it. She
did a good job. I like it! :-D I added the other 2 pics to
it with my gif animator. Im gonna be so upset when my trial
version runs out lol. Its fun to make icons! :-D Wish I
were better at it tho! I can only combine pic & stuff. I
cant do any of that funky stuff like the icon makers in the
communities do. Well that dang party of Jon's is today.
CANT DRINK! DRINKING IS BAD! :( Damn. Guess that means I'm
gonna have a lousy time... I wish *what's her face* would
go again! :-D I gotta go back to Jon's earlier tho cuz of
the dang party to get my shit put away & stuff. Oooh.. did
I mention that I finally have a couples partner on picrave
now? YAYISH! I have yet to speak to him directly tho....
what about that *one guy*? HAUNTING ME!!! *too many lately*
Anyways, I miss Jon n I wanna see him really bad. I hope
things dont go the way they have gone the past few
weekends. I want it to be good. I miss him :( Hope I
actually get to spend some time with him... ONLY HIM... I
doubt it... Halloween sucked ass just like last year. Didnt
do a damn thing and I REALLY WANTED TO. Halloween used to
be so fun. Now its only depressing cuz I dont do anything.
Anyways, thats about it. Prolly talk to yas on monday.


*XTA* *RPG* *LJ* *UJ* :-D