Sanity Online
2001-08-10 09:17:43 (UTC)


How do you flirt with someone one day but then jump all
over their ass the next? I just don't know. My ass Jason
didn't argue with me about the whole law school thing. I
know he did. He was right there with Dallas aruging about
how it was so dumb and they had no right. I WAS RIGHT, and
damn it feels good. But neither one can admit it. Why do
they not respect me enough to just acknowledge the fact
that I know what I'm talking about sometimes. Or if they
do acknowledge it, at least acknowledge that I'm right, not
deny that you ever said anything. He is so damn bipolar.
He eats all our food, drinks my milk, uses our shit, and
then is rude as hell to us. I don't understand. What did
I do that made him not want to talk to me even? He was so
cool with me. He would talk to me when he called, he would
call my cell to find out what was going on. Now, he
doesn't even say hi when he sees me, much less on the
phone. I don't care if I'm not dating his brother. He can
still say hi or at least how are you doing. Downtown was a
fucking mess. Alyson is so up John's ass that it's not
even funny. I had to sit by myself by the pool table
forever, waiting for them to stop making googoo eyes at
each other and for me to stop looking like the loser. Matt
made it no better either. How are you in here??? Because
I am motherfucker. Get over it. You were sweating my
balls that night and you know it. And you hate that
someone called you on it. You are a sick dumb shit and I
should have known better than to trust you when I heard
what you did to Amanda. I really want to go home. I'm
sick of this shit. It's fucking ridiculous. I get teary
eyed every time I go to 6th or out with anyone just because
I'm alone and they ignore me for their guy or girl. I
dont' like being that third wheel, and I know most people
don't, so why should I be one??? And Alyson knows how I
feel so why does she roll her eyes about Michael, yet she
hangs all over John. She did the same shit about John-
Scott. Why is it different??? Why was she embarrased to
dance tonight? It sucks. Guys change everything. She is
such a hypocrite. She'd bitch because I wouldn't want to
do something I thought was embarassing yet she did it
tonight about dancing. Why was it such a big production
for us to go to a club. It was like they were doing me a
favor. Bullshit, they didn't have to come. I hate when
people are like, is this okay, are you happy now, is this
what you wanted, in a patronizing voice. Ask me damn it,
don't talk down to me. You used to like this. You used to
drag me to do this. Act like yourself damnit. Practice
what you fucking preach.

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