A Cavalier Looks At 27
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2002-11-01 06:50:37 (UTC)

October 31, 2002

Today is Halloween, and while most of the country is
thinking of gouhls and goblins, my thoughts are fixed on
beauty. I've been thinking a lot about beauty the past few
days. Specifically, I've thought about Jenny and the
beauty that people let shine through. Different people are
beautiful for different reasons. Beauty, in my opinion, is
not merely skin deep. Take Jenny for instance, she is the
most beautiful woman I know. Why? She has soft, terrific
looking hair, wonderful eyes that you can lose yourself in,
soft lips, wonderful skin, calming touch, body of a
goddess, and voice of an angel. Thats only the outside
though. She is beautiful because of her inside. Her
loving, caring nature, her thinking and thought process,
her sexuality, her intelligence, her thirst for knowledge,
and her genuine attitude. While she is physically awe
striking, it is her mind and her heart that I am in love
with. It is her mind and her heart that make her