Seraphic Decay
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2002-11-01 06:20:04 (UTC)

Disgustingly Fatigued

Utterly wretched, the supposed three day weekend has turned
into nothing more than a mere single day off in preparation
for another week long of pharmaceutical crap. I really
dislike my job, but I suppose if I thought it to be
entertaining, they wouldnt really need to pay me to get me
to show up. At the end of february this year, I left home
to further my schooling. After a gruelling six months in a
government funded school for the delinquent, I emerged with
a liscensure as a pharmacy technician A. No longer need I
work some pathetic, disrespectable job. Now I have any and
all pharmacies at my disposal for employment. Currently, I
work for a hospital, floating between floors, making
intravenous admixtures, delivering patient medications, and
the overall assistance to a pharmacist. Doesnt sound too
bad from the outside, but once the actual work begins, it
more than lacks intellectual stimulation. But, the job
itself is quite simple, and it pays rather well for only
six months of schooling.
Today my wife got called back by the hospital Im currently
at work at, and it seems she will be getting basically the
same job I have. We met in school, and of all the vocations
offered, this one seemed the most beneficial. With our now
combined incomes, money will no longer be an issue for much
of anything, which in turn means I can fix my car more
quickly, therapy wont be such a financial burden, and we
can afford the sertraline we both need so much before my
insurance kicks in. Life has taken a drastic turn for the
Last night, Andy, my wife, and I, finally sat down and took
to carving two pumpkins for tonights festivities. Her work
was more that of an artist, whilst mine had the classical
butchered look to it. But in the end, she said she liked
mine the better. I think she was just being kind.
Its quite amusing how life continues to maintain this
balance with me. Just today my wife was informed she got
the job that she very much wanted, the good news, the bad
news is, I only have friday off from now till thursday.
Before this, the most obvious example would be the day I
got this job, it was also the day my car broke down. If
there is some balance which must be sustained in life,
between euphoria and misery, I hope to remain neutral for a
time. Another instance comes to mind, but on a larger
scale. The first few months of being with my wife,
girlfriend then, we were utterly ecstatic, nothing could
stand in our way, and until not too long ago, we were in a
massive depression that nearly destroyed our marriage.
Today is one of the worst days Ive had at work yet. Set to
work on the Cardiovascular unit, even though I havent been
properly trained in this section. I feel very much
incompetent making mistakes as I have been for the past 5
hours. To make matters worse, I have two more shifts on
this floor this weekend. Ah well, c'est la vie, and there
is only an hour more of torture before the shift ends.With
that, I bid these words farewell...

Till later...