Little Pook

SiGH exHaLES HeaRt
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2001-08-10 07:51:07 (UTC)


haha i'm loving invader zim...what a funny cartoon.
Anyway....i hate everyone....i try to be nice and honest
and what do you get...
I'll tell get the quickest good byes ever.
i mean come on why is everyone so fuckin' depresed....
i know i am too but i don't bitch about it in everyone's
ear....i'll write about it yes but who actually reads these
I say okay i think i'll go now and they say ok bye....geez
it's as if they were trying to get rid of me all along.
Sigh but if i ever did that i'd have to hear their shit.
God i hate people!!!
anyway i'm really annoyed now and damn it i was in such a
good mood earlier.....ohhhhh fuckin well!!!
ohh yea and if any religious freaks out there are reading
this and don't like the work fuck well fuck you....don't
send me your crap e-mail.
La ti da!!!!!!
I need drugs!!
i don't know what the hell i'm talking about