aLL mY SeCReTs
2001-08-10 07:26:10 (UTC)

DaY 4

Mood: excited
Music: Arms wide open - Creed

So guess what, the internet was sposed to be cut off but
the internetty man forgot to. How cool. So that means im on
the net illegally (tell no one) Todd wasnt at school again
today, poor darling, he rang yesterday and said he was
okay. I hafta work tonite, yeah GREAT!! owell. Off to
Sydney in the middle of the night tonight. Yay. I'm gonna
look great 5am in the airport, nice bags under my eyes.
I'll look like a pot-smoking wench that i know. Today was
my last day and i owe about 40 post cards, owell i'll say
they got lost in the mail, damn australia post these days.
Well i have lost more illegal internetting to do! I'll talk
later when i get there!!
well cya