One hell of a life
2002-11-01 04:27:06 (UTC)

11-1-02 entry nine

At the end of this month, I will be in HEAVEN! Or in other
words, our house. But anyway.

Today Lois came in late to school and told me that NIK
HERRING from England is coming for a visit. I mean, THE nik
herring she keeps talking about...THE nik herring she goes
on and on about...THE nik herring I know almost everything
about by now ... anyway yeah he's coming here for like ten
days. HOW cool.

And today, is a great day. I'm feelin lucky. After school
we're goin shopping in hua ting, like i said before, then
mom's taking me to get my hair permed...for real!
Permanently waved. Today. At Lane Crawford. After shopping.
What a perfect day...finally a change. I'm so bored of my
constantly longish, plain, straight, (messy?) hair.

Lo just got two new kittens, who are apparently gorgeous
with huge big blue eyes.

I had the weirdest dream about Josh and Shaun last
night...we were all in some hotel room in some kind of "Big
Brother" thing, and I got off with Shaun but I thought he
was Josh, and then he got with Meghan and we were all
sitting down; i started crying...then Shaun said he's "just
that type of guy". Bastard! It was a weird dream.

Hahahaa....Diva was looking at these pics of a hot guy and she
thought he was naked...he wasnt...

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