Life as I know it.
2001-08-10 07:05:49 (UTC)

I wanna be the one who walks in the sun, oh girls they wanna have fun

SO Im gonna write a book...take parts from my lifew and my
friends, market it as fiction, i think it will do well.

Went out with john again tonight, usual night of drunken

Mike who likes my friend is annoying the fuck outta me.

COol Mike i went out with called today, things are going
slow with him, but at least I have a friend.

Matt, thought of him once today, some song reminded me of
him, cant remember it, but unfortunately i knew he'd like
it, so i changed the channel, dont need to be reminded of
my past.

Saw Julie out tonight, so that was nice.

Demitrius too.

Talked to Damon tonight, he told me he is doing heroin, it
scares the fuck outta me that someone I actually do care
about does that shit, I do it occasionally (no injecting
tho) so i do sound like a hypocrite. And Im not addicted
and either is he. Im just bad with drugs, the only drug I
wont touch is Cocaine, seen too many people die in my
life...and I hardly ever do heroin, maybe once a year, my
best friend hates me doing it, but I hate when she does her
coke once a year...so we are even. At least I dont snort
mine, I smoke it, chasing the dragon if you will.

Back to my book, the first line out of it is going to be

"What the fuck?" yeah famous first line.

Bah this entry sucked but oh well...