Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-11-01 03:34:50 (UTC)

oh what a great day

TOday wasa great day. Yeah fucking right! it sucked ass
worked sucked so bad. i hate work sometimes. well my
girlfreind has been acting weird lately. well in the pas
week anyways. i don't know what is up i haven't a clue. i
think maybe i is because we really hadn't spent that much
time together latly. who knows. she says she feels like a
burden but i begining to think that she doesn't want me a
round. the past three days she seems differnt when i talk
to her on the phone or in person. last night she ran from
me because she didn't wat to talk to me. and she just seems
like she doesn't like me or want me around she doesn't talk
to me so i have no clue what is up with her. i never do i
used to read her diary it was a way to kind of know how she
was feeling but she doesn't write in it much these days.i
think that is because she doesn't want me to know how she
really feels. well it is working. tonight i called her
andshe was with her freinds somwhere which is cool that is
no problem. but just they way she sounded when i talked to
her. like she want me to let her go so i did not knowing
what else to do. she calls me back and she is like sorry to
bother you but i am supposed to ask you it would be......
itwould be..... ummmmm... greatly appreciated if your
company was present. i mean oyu can come with us to the
rocky horror pictur show.. so i thought about it.. but then
she was like my freind mellisa wants you to go so sh can
meet you.. yeah so i think yeah it would of been nice if
you wanted me to be there but your freind is not you and
you don't really want me areound or at least that is what
she soundedlike anyways. well i had made plans since she
didn't seem like she wanted me around. so i tell her that
and she was like ok bye and just hangs up like finally she
haft to talk to me or somthing idon't know what is going on
i am sure i will never know.welp i am going to finish off
my shitty day with some wow what a shitty day!

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