No time for love Dr. Jones
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2002-11-01 03:28:25 (UTC)

Scars have the power to remind us that the past was real

Crikey it's been ages since I wrote in here. I just noticed
that in my last entry I said that I was more likely to
write in here now that I have internet access at work.
Wasn't that a joke? But I guess the time has come to get a
few more things off my chest.

Cool thing No. 1
Mum finally gave birth on 27th August (Which also happened
to be the day before my brother's 18th birthday, isn't that kooky?).
A perfectly healthy baby girl, Madison Rose. Cute little
thing too. Georgia (the other baby sis) absolutley loves
her too, it's cute to watch her play with Maddy. Geez
babies are cute.

Cool thing No. 2
My band (our name is HammerBoy. I think it's a tad gay, but
the other guys like it) and I are going into the studio on
Nov 15th. This has been a dream of mine for years now, to
be in a band, and actually start going places. This is
humungo hecka cool. We're only going in to record a demo CD
to show to potential gig holders, but still, I'm gonna have
a hard copy of a small portion of my life. This will be
something I can hold and show people for years to come (and
I will too, don't doubt that for a second). I'm hella

Cool thing No. 3
In a word - Belinda. She rocks. Since my last entry, we
have come along as a couple so far. We only really see each
other on weekends, but I think this might help. With
Carolyn we saw each other everyday and I think that might
have spoiled what we had. Pacing yourself seems to be the
trick. She told me she loved me the other day. That was
pretty cool.

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