Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-01 00:12:09 (UTC)

Happy Halloween!!!

Ok so it seems like I am the only one of 5 guys that are
going to write in this thing and then if that wasn't bad
enough it's going to be every 10 days before i can write. I
am just lazy thats my excuse but atleast I do write. But
yeah Yesterday we had a show and it went really good and we
ended up making enough money to pay off some debts. But now
we are broke again. Today I worked. We have now a group of
9 people working for pacifico now(everyday we are closer to
making this a living) We are almost done recording we have
a total of 6 new songs finished that leaves 3 more to go
and we might even record more if we get a chance. more and
more label interest....but more more and more bills and
less and less money. But I promise soon we will have a new
full length album. I am moving out of the parents home next
weekend. I can't wait, I will offically be a Man. And
tonight I am going to dance the night away to 80's music. I
hope all the kids get alot of good candy. And I hope I get
all my bills paid and I hope our band gets signed. But
everything is good and I love life. Anywho...
last movie seen-Jackass(if you haven't seen it go now!)
last cd bought-Nirvana/greatest hits(it's worth $10 I love
this band)
book currently reading(I read the bible last night)I just
finished reading "the westing game"(i love childrens books)
I guess thats it for now but I hope everyone has a great
day-week-month untill I write again....Keep Rocking!