the ups and downs of my life
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2002-10-31 23:11:53 (UTC)


well tongiht is halloween and im staying home this
year...i havet trick or treated since 7th grade but i
ussuaklly walked around to see my little brother and/or
sister get candy but this year i was liek heck with it...

man im so tired!!! liek im going to litterally fall
alsleep right now...

i had a weird dream last ngith about this kid named justuin
(hes weird) anyways...i liked him in my dream and we were
hanging out and he tried to makeout with me but i wouldnt
let him cause all of a sudden i was like eww...what am i
doing here with him. AHH!! lol good thing it was only a

hmmm.....well they finally founf a coach for JV...i guess
shes a gymj teacher but i havent seen her yet..i get to
seee her monday maybe...and tuesday BCC is having their
practice at our school and we get to watch...woo hoo. lol
i guess they are doung what were going to do in practice
so we have to see whats going on

well thats all for now....byes