keeping my hands in the air
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2002-10-31 22:28:31 (UTC)

Please Go

how can i explain to my heart
how much i want you
but need you to leave
all at the same time
please, just let me
leave you behind
i need to go
and think for myself
making sure i know
what it is i really want
and difference between
what it is i really need
i wish i could take you along
but you're only a distraction
i need to do this
on my own
i can't take any
more of this
attraction between us two
it's not helping me out
it's only letting me see
that it's really not you
who's the one i truly need
i need my heart
to be kept pure nad free from darkness
i need to be brought
back into the light
you once were everything to me
and know i wish u could
please go
and let me be
my eyes were opened once
they were tight shut when i loved you
i need to be set free
my time is now overdue
i wish we could take
one step away from each other
i wish you wouldn't hurt me
i wish we could still be together
but just to let you know
i wish i didn't have to ask you
to please go